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    Chateau Montaud, Cotes de Provence Rose 2015 Magnum 1500 ml-MagnumOpusWines
    Chateau Montaud, Cotes de Provence Rose 2015 Magnum 1500 ml-MagnumOpusWines

    Chateau Montaud, Cotes de Provence Rose 2015 Magnum 1500 ml

    Top of the range of Château Montaud, this rosé wine is made with grapes rigorously selected from the best vineyards.
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    Chateau Montaud Cotes de Provence Rose Magnum
    Chateau Montaud Cotes de Provence Rose Magnum
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    Grenache 50%, Cinsault 40%, Syrah 5%, Tibouren 5%

    Lively and fleshy. Lightly acidulous with a hint of citrus and cherry. Owing to our soil which is rather schisty, the final remains frank with a mineral tinge.

    Mainly composed of shale and sandstone, the domaine’s Permian soils are poor and thus require the wines to take root deeply. This allows them to benefit from the full characteristics of the land. The grapes flourish under the Mediterranean sun, which enables them to acquire their full flavor.

    Farming Label: Haute Valeur Environnementale

    Best served around 10C, as an aperitif with salads and pies. It perfectly suits seafood dishes, mediterranean or exotic ones, and Japanese sushi.

    The history of Château Montaud begins 2000 years ago with the exploitation by the Romans of silver veins, and the settlement of their families in this beautiful valley at the foot of the Moors. Traces of their presence were thus found through the existence of a hillside water reservoir, a cellar and its press, a mill, a fort and other objects of everyday life.

    Over the centuries, a castle appeared, then was destroyed and rebuilt several times, according to the very eventful history of Provence.

    The current version of the castle dates back to 1858. It is a mixture of Florentine and Provençal inspiration, but it still houses the cellar and the chapter house which date back several centuries. This is where the Ravel family lives and works, close to this unique Provencal terroir.

    Installed on long terraces bathed in sunshine, the vineyard of Château Montaud shelters various Provencal grape varieties: Grenache, Cinsault, Tibouren, Syrah, Rolle and Sémillon. On 80 hectares sheltered from the Moors, the viticulture is traditional and the work of the land is privileged. This in order to preserve the freshness of the thin soils, forcing the vine to root very deeply.

    Built about 40 years ago, the cellar has evolved perfectly over the years, now equipped with modern tools, essential for the elaboration of quality wines. Today, the Château's wines, bottled in its cellars, are exported all over the world. These vintages are praised by the international press, whether they are stamped Côtes de Provence or varietal wines (such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon and other Tibouren).