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    Limoncello, Oro di Valerius (30% - 50cl)
    Limoncello, Oro di Valerius (30% - 50cl)

    Limoncello, Oro di Valerius (30% - 50cl)

    Wink to Valerius, superior officer of the very famous VIIIth Augusta Legion who appears to be the first owner and winemaker in Saint Martin, an exceptional land which was offered to him by the Emperor Caesar in -48 BCE, in appreciation of his high services.
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    Typical Italian liqueur from the Sorrento peninsula. Aromatic power of fresh citrus. Its light iodine side and a touch of bitterness at the end of the mouth. Its 30% of alcohol allows a service at freezing temperature.

    Liquoristerie de Provence’s vocation is to bring up to date ancestral recipes to give birth to an authentic pleasure full of meaning and history, perfectly in tune with today’s expectations while respecting earth and plants.

    Due to its fundamental traditional craft processes Liquoristerie de Provence has been labelled « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » in 2007.

    At Liquoristerie de Provence, products are all made from plants macerations and infusions (not synthesized aromas) and that’s what makes the difference.