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    Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato Vodka (50cl, 42%)-MagnumOpusWines
    Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato Vodka (50cl, 42%)-MagnumOpusWines

    Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato Vodka (50cl, 42%)

    Ash wood has a light colour, ranging from yellowish to white-reddish. The specific taste profile is a strong, sweet flavor reminiscent of honey with low tannins. The wood needed for barrel production requires a specific quality and barrels are produced in small quantities. The exceptional and very rare ash wood barrels are ideal for aging beers, wine and distillates.
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    Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato Vodka
    Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato Vodka
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    The Windspiel distillery is fully committed to producing the highest quality spirits. Located in fertile volcanic soil, gin and vodka have been produced there in small numbers since 2008 and by hand. Their specialty? Not cereals but potatoes are used as the basic ingredient.

    The Barrel Aged Potato Vodka Windspiel is made from the particularly starchy potato variety Pirol. Cultivated on the Weilerhof in the Vulkaneifel, the tubers are harvested in autumn and then processed on site. First, the potato must be washed and freed from soil. Then the shredding takes place. Heated in a large top, the starch swells and releases the fermentable sugar. After adding a specially bred yeast, the fermentation begins. The potato mash is then distilled 3 times. As a result, the potato distillate becomes incomparably mild and meek without driving out the fine potato note.

    The barrel Aged Potato Vodka is then stored in exclusive ash wood barrels, which also give the distillate spicy wood, vanilla and caramel notes. Bottled with 42% vol. Alcohol, without filtration.

    Tasting notes:

    On the nose, the Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato Vodka shows a really impressive clarity. Not the slightest alcoholic sting is felt. The bouquet shows well-dosed aromas of vanilla and caramel, which are woven around by the unique potato note.

    An indescribable mildness and meekness lies on the taste buds. The finest notes of vanilla, caramel and butter biscuits dance on the tip of the tongue. In the middle, the potato becomes more present and ensures an incomparable taste experience. In the finish, the barrel Aged Potato Vodka becomes increasingly spicy. The ash wood comes through clearly and leaves a wonderful impression that lasts a long time.

    Overall, the Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato Vodka is a really extraordinary distillate.

    IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition - Gold Medal