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    Feel! Munich Dry Gin-MagnumOpusWines
    Feel! Munich Dry Gin-MagnumOpusWines

    Feel! Munich Dry Gin

    Organic. 47% ABV. 70cl.
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    Feel! Munich Dry Gin
    Feel! Munich Dry Gin
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    Gin in organic quality

    Our spirits are produced in elaborate manual work in the old cellar vaults of a factory building in the Pasing district of Munich. The production of first-class spirits begins with the selection of alcohol, as well as its spices and fruits. The purchase is therefore personally, strictly monitored by the distillery owner. During our distillery visits, we give you insights into the production and take you into the fascination of spirits.

    Most people are not aware of why a gin produced from a biological point of view is special.

    Spraying agents are distillation-free and are unfortunately distilled from the boiler to the bottle.

    The chemical composition is very similar to alcohol and also becomes vaporous in distillation.

    The bitter aroma of these synthetic substances is overlaid by sugar in most manufacturers. The well-known blending is also one way to overlay false aromas.

    The original aroma is retained by the production of untreated fruits and of course no sugar is necessary. Although only 0.1 g / L sugar is the norm, there are many artificial and, above all, very strong liquid sugar in the food sector, of which only small quantities are required. Sugar is used by many manufacturers to round off the aroma and as another narcotic. We deliberately refrain from doing so and expressly point out that our gin is a stimulant with search potential and ask that it be tasted only in controlled quantities at our own discretion.

    It is very important to us to have a gin on the market that the consumer knows is an honest product. By certifying this gin, we voluntarily undergo a very high food standard and have ourselves audited by inspection bodies. We want to make a sustainable contribution for our fellow human beings and our nature.